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            Matthew Garrett was a Rotary exchange student in Switzerland in 1996. He was awarded scholarships by the German Academic Exchange Service to study at the University of Essen (1998) and the Albert-Ludwigs Universität Freiburg (2000). He has been a practising commercial lawyer since 2006 and taught German to adults at night school for seven years. He has been married since 2011 and has two sons and a daughter. Mr Garrett holds Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws degrees from the Australian National University, both with honours.

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My wife Justene and our three children, my parents Monica and Stephen Garrett, Justine Garrett, the Bütler-Saner family, the Koch-Lüscher family, the Steger-Nehr family, the Sigrist-Nagler family, John T. Reed, Rotary International, Paul Willetts, Dr Ivo Zemp, Scott Adams