About Exchange Student Tips

My name is Matt. I own and publish this website.

I launched Exchange Student Tips because I wanted to help prospective exchange students understand what’s involved in a student exchange, and prepare well for their time overseas. There seemed to be a shortage of realistic, helpful information on the internet for such people.

Sure, there were (and are) dozens of blogs for exchange students on the net, posting dozens of nearly identical articles every week about “ten reasons you should go on exchange”.

My approach is different. I am interested in quality, not quantity. My intention is that Exchange Student Tips will only ever have a maximum of maybe 25-30 articles. But I want those articles to be high-quality pieces which go into incredible depth and provide real value to readers.

I am also writing a book which will be available for purchase through this website in the near future.

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About me

I am a three-time exchange student. When I was 18, I undertook a year-long Rotary youth exchange in Lucerne, Switzerland. I subsequently did two university exchanges:  a short (two-month) exchange at the University of Essen, Germany and a second, 12-month exchange at the University of Freiburg, Germany.

In addition to my time spent as an exchange student, I have met, and discussed exchange issues with, literally hundreds of exchange students, former exchange students, host families, and exchange program administrators.

I have also spent a great deal of time thinking about my own experience as an exchange student and discussing it with my former host families and fellow former exchange students.

I am a father of three young children and the son of two former host parents. I live in the Australian Capital Territory.

You can connect with me via Twitter (@ES_Tips) or by sending me an email at exchangestudenttips [at] outlook [dot] com